Applaudience Box Office Forecast

About Applaudience

Applaudience combines data mining, data brokerage, and data analysis with strategic communication during the theatrical movie release processes. They own real-time showtime, occupancy, ticket price and film marketing performance data for all major exhibitors in Europe and North America. The supply revenue-driving insights about the industry’s performance and identify marketing opportunities with the highest ROI. Their goal is to increase attendance of the existing audiences by enabling data-rich collaboration between exhibitors and distributors.

How we work together

Every Thursday, Strike sends out press releases to trade and industry contacts with Applaudience’s weekend box office predictions. They pool data from five different models, taking into account variables such as holidays and the weather. Initially they forecasted the top 5 films at the Box Office in the correct order; Dumbo, Captain Marvel, Us, Fisherman’s Friends & What Men Want. The following week correctly predicted that Shazam! would kick Dumbo from the top, as they managed to pre-sell 53,000 tickets, (average ticket price of £10.82), totalling £580K in pre-sales. Keep an eye out for these statistical wizards, they know their cinema data.