BASE Awards 2021

Strike crowned a ‘Category Hero’ at this year’s BASE Awards!

Following our work creating the now renowned Weekly Film Newsletter from the start of the pandemic, we were honoured to be named one of this years’ ‘Category Hero’s’ at that years BASE Awards 2021. The Category Hero is described as “acknowledging an exclusive group of individuals who deserve special recognition for their outstanding contribution to the visual category.”

Our clients and peers put us forward with comments such as:

“The Cambridge Dictionary meaning of a ‘hero’ is: “a person who is admired for having done something very brave or having achieved something great”. If ever a person fit this description, it is Wez.”

“Throughout the pandemic, Wez and his Strike Media team carried on with their sterling work producing their newsletter, including the delivery of publicity campaigns for our own releases. Hats off.”

“The last year has been difficult for so many people on a personal, work and emotional level but Wez has had the perfect storm of challenges. A small business owner who always puts his staff and clients first (to an alarming degree), Wez always gives much (much) more than he ever receives.”

In addition, Strike was Nominated for ‘Outstanding Innovation’ for our Weekly Film Newsletter and whilst didn’t win, we did however receive a Commendation for our work! A tremendous achievement and it’s a wonderful reminder of the effort the team put in during the pandemic, when some of the industry giants stood still!