Goldfinch Trade Publicity

Strike Media are delighted to be working with Goldfinch Studios as they make their exciting new announcements. 2020 and all the changes it has brought has allowed Goldfinch to reassess their business model and what they aspire to do moving forward.

During Lockdown;

Goldfinch announced the launch of, the company’s UK streaming platform. More information can be found in the press release.

Even under lockdown, Goldfinch made a number of changes and new initiatives to help not only the company but the industry as a whole. To help smaller companies during the lockdown period, when the film industry was struggling, Goldfinch announced the launch of their £500K support fund for Film and TV production companies during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Goldfinch then announced the creation of First Flights, a new short film fund available to directors and producers. The Short Film Fund offers a new way for filmmakers to access a non-recoupable grant of up to £7,000 for creating a short film.

Even during the lockdown, Goldfinch Studios commenced shooting Alone, a COVID safe film set. Strike Media secured at two page spread in The Times, who were keen to explore a film set complete with facemasks and social distancing.

As life started returning to normal, Goldfinch announced a series of new developments about their company’s restructuring. In September, Goldfinch confirmed that they’d created a new talent management venture The Koop – a central hub for creatives.

Following from this, in October Goldfinch confirmed that they had agreed a first look deal with podcast creators Stakhanhov, launching with 5Dimes to be jointly optioned for production.

Throughout these announcements, Strike have secured coverage with a number of key UK trade outlets including Deadline, Variety, ScreenDaily, ATV, C21 & Celluloid Junkie to name some.