Lucca Comics & Games 2022


Strike Media were thrilled to return to the incredible and mad world of Lucca Comics & Games 2022. It was truly fantastic to see the festival back to its full strength following several years of disruptions due to covid. This year was a record breaker, with 320,000 tickets sold for the event spanning five days. Strike delighted to see that international publicity for the event continues to grow and next year we’re hoping to expand this even further.

Ahead of the festival, Strike were tasked with raising awareness of Lucca through news stories and listings of the upcoming line up, including the legendary filmmaker Tim Burton, the founder of Atari, Nolan Bushnell, a live Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt concert as well as cast from Andor, Willow, The Rings of Power plus countless video games developers, comic book artists and publishers and many, many more events!

Strike had boots on the ground once again this year, working with press to raise additional coverage whilst in the city, keeping them up to date of upcoming events and managing their schedules. Throughout the campaign, stories about Lucca Comics and Games could be seen in Reuters (who ran an exclusive interview with Tim Burton), Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, The Irish Sun, Bleeding Cool, SciFi Now and many more! See you next year!